Our Mission

Elliot Lake Child and Family Centre/EarlyON Child and Family Centre is a place where families and caregivers are supported while raising their children ages zero to twelve. The well-being of the whole child, families and caregivers is of primary importance.

Program Statement

  • We offer everyone who attends the centre, whether they are staff, parents, children, caregivers, practitioners, a place where they feel a sense of belonging.
  • We offer a safe and secure environment not only physically but where parents, caregivers, feel they can trust the centre to be a place where confidentiality is practiced.
  • We offer an environment that will encourage children to reach their full potential by providing meaningful programming that is developed by observing them.
  • We encourage creativity, experimentation, meaningful explorations as children learn through play.
  • We offer programming developed by observing, inquiring what are the families, parents, children, as individuals’ needs pertaining to child development, parenting, nutrition, play and inquiry-based learning.
  • We believe parents are their children’s first teachers. We provide them with the tools needed to empower them.
  • We provide learning opportunities as we value a high quality of programs.
  • We believe there is always something new to learn.